Get the Power Your Home Needs

Get the Power Your Home Needs

Arrange for new construction electrical services in Hampton Roads, VA

Your new home's electrical system should be operational as soon as you move in. To make sure that it's installed properly, hire experienced electricians. Thor Jr. Inc. has been providing new construction electrical services since 2008 in Hampton Roads and Norfolk, VA.

We can:

  • Design your electrical system to suit your needs
  • Work directly with your contractors
  • Install electrical equipment from reputable companies
  • Ensure that your electrical system works smoothly from the start
Plus, we'll provide a one-year warranty on everything we add to your building. Send your blueprint, including the plans of your home's kitchen and bathroom, to us today to get a free estimate on the project.

Is it time to replace your old electrical panel?

In addition to new construction electrical work, you can count on us to handle your electrical panel replacement. With a new electrical panel, you'll have access to all the power that modern electronics and appliances require. Your home will also be safer and more efficient. Plan your electrical panel replacement with our team right away.